Thursday 4 February 2016

Rosebank Street to Forbes Street - 215, and 213, and 211 (Perth Terrace)

The City Mutual Life Assurance Society owns this terrace built in the late 1870s, of rendered brick with slate roof. Each house is of 12 rooms, and is rich in the symbols of the classic Sydney terrace. Barley-sugar iron colums support the downstairs windows, and the front doors are fully panelled. Stone-flagged verandahs have thier own "iron-lace" fence and rail. French doors reflect the pattern of balcony iron.

The centre house uses venetian blinds as they were used in Venice - to hang outside, to bear the brunt of the heat. A Greek keyhole border decorates the eaves, and each house has six fire-places. These are well-built houses and, or so it appears, well maintained.

Number 215, on the left, is rented by Percy Hollander, a dental surgeon, who both works and lives here. The other two are boarding houses or, as the affixed sign-plates indicate, "Residential Chambers".

Mrs Florence Sandeman runs 214. The small curved sign by the front door (readable in the original photograph) adds a light, and Italianate touch to Mrs Sandeman's advertising. It reads "Sanflorenzo". In mid-1916 Wiulliam Davis. Albert Johnson, William Ringwood, and Atrchibald McDonald were boarding here.

"Glenferrie" next door has Mrs Emily Elizabeth Morrison as its keeper. She runs the business for Joseph Buchanan, who holds the head-lease from the City Mutual.

My Notes:
Perth Terrace was immediately west of the Post Office on the south-side of William Street, putting it in the suburb of Darlinghurst, whereas the north-side of the street was in the suburb of Woolloomooloo.

The Perth Terrace abutted the Post Office which was on the corner of Rosebank Street.
Running behind this terrace was Premier Lane which provided "night services". Originally, this lane was to be resumed, too, but this never happened. It is still there in 2016, known variously as Premier Lane, St Peter's Lane, or Barnet Lane, it stretches from Kirketon Road to Yurong Street.
On the left is the rear of Perth Terrace. Rosebank St can be seen crossing in the middle-distance.

Perth Terrace was demolished well before the Post Office, which was still standing in 1926.
The City of Sydney Auction for this block in March 1923.
The Post office on the corner was specifically excluded from this auction, held on 23rd March 1923.

Each block was offered under Torrens Title. The terms of the sale were:
25% deposit
Balance in three equal half-yearly payments, and
Interest at 6%.
There were also specific rebuilding requirements.

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